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Are you looking for information about the nightwolves or looking to be recruited to the NightWolves then click this link. INFORMATION

~Welcome Everyone this is the Halo 3 Website for the NightWolves~
~The N.W. has taken lift with the N.W. cruiser the new HO~
~We currently have over 30 active members~

Welcome to The Den!

Welcome to the NightWolves den. This is the NightWolves own website and a site to give information to those wishing to join. If you want to know more about the NightWolves including how to be recruited please click "What are the NightWolves" on the left tab or click the link here. If your another clan and want a clan battle then message Lavos5181 or Talgie


The tournament for today 7/9/10 is closed as no one submitted anything and did not want to participate. Reguardless all N.W. members have a great NightWolves day!

New Ranking tier

There is now a third path to choose from of the high ranks go to the Ranks page to check it out.

Be prepared to be Ninjaed

Check the new link NINJA CarL. It is a new comic stripe featuring the adventures of NINJA CarL it is made by one of our own NightWolves so why not go check it out and see it.




~For those who wishing to level up well here is the quick guide that will greatly help:

1.)Be active in chats. If you see a couple members on, chat with them. Not just the leaders. 

2.)Train, Train, Train not only in fighting skill, but also in map making. We like good map makers, it's always fun to have some cool new maps.

3.)Play nice Don't be mean to your fellow pack mates especially those who are higher up they did earn it after all

4.)Be active on forums.

There is some great stuff up there for you and others. You should check it out and make sure others  check it out too.

5.)Be on. After all how will you do all of the above if your not on. It also shows we can depend on you if we need you for something clan related or important.

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